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Skatelove Barcelona

Hey everybody, I'm Bryony and this is my first Skate Malawi blog post!!

The Skate Malawi crew has landed in Barcelona and we're getting ready for some sunny skating at Skatelove. It's so exciting for us to be in one place, the team's back together!

Everything's off to a good start, we touched down last night and went straight to meet Guada, one of the super sound Skatelove producers to chat about what's going on over the weekend and all the cool stuff going on at the festival. We're so psyched to be here!!

Check out what's going on, all the workshops, discos and more. If you haven't already got your ticket for this amazing music festival on wheels, get one now!!

Jack, Bryony and Xavi (a few of the Team Members)

You can come and find us on Friday and Saturday afternoon at the market, we'd love to chat to you. If you're coming at the netrolling event you'll get the chance to hear all about Skate Malawi and other cool skate projects

We feel so lucky to be starting our month of adventures at Skatelove and to skate with the lovely international skating community. Can't believe it's less than 2 weeks until we head out to Malawi!!

Big Love, Skate Malawi x

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