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A quick hello from Skate Malawi

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to write a brief post to let you all know that we are busy working away behind the scenes here at Skate Malawi and haven't forgotten about you. After the trip to Malawi we had lots to talk about and so there was a bit of a deluge of posts and social media goings on. In the past few weeks we have been keeping a low profile whilst we formalise our legal status, work on the all important project budgets, tinker with designs and begin approaching companies to help us realise the building of the rink. Things are ticking along and we will have some exciting announcements and news in the very near future. Including; a musical mix we have submitted to "Club Butter Roll". They are a rolling skating and music initiative based in New York. Our mix of Malawian and South East African music will be featured by them very soon so keep an eye out. We also have some more artists confirmed for our own fundraising album. We'll be announcing them very soon. And lastly we've got some merchandise coming so you will be able to wear your support for Skate Malawi on your sleeve or on even your head. If you haven't followed us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter we'd really appreciate it if you would and even better get your friends to follow us too.

Anyways, we hope you are all having a great day and being kind to one another.

Big Love,

Skate Malawi x

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